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Matt has been featured in
Click The Button Below To Unlock Your 80% Discount (Plus Get $497 worth of FREE Training and Bonuses)
Matt has been featured in
Click The Button Below To Unlock Your 80% Discount (Plus Get $497 worth of FREE Training and Bonuses)

My name is Matthew Lepre...

And I made my first $10,000,000 thanks to ecommerce:

I made my first $1,000,000 after I dropped out of dental school…

… And… like any new millionaire… I started posting about my success on Instagram.

Before I knew it, people were asking for my secrets.

So I shared them.

And now… my mission in life is to help 1,000,000 people find financial freedom.

So far, I’ve changed more than 100,000 lives:

I started with my own life: I dropped out of University… I started my own ecommerce business… and I made one million dollars in my first year…

Then, I helped my mother: I paid off her mortgage, ten years early…

Then I met my business partner, Stallon: Who earned $500,000 in 50 days with his winning product… and bought his mom her dream car...

And we started to help students from all over the world:

To Date, Me & My Team
Have Picked Hundreds Upon Hundreds
Of Winning Ecommerce Products
For Our Students…

So here’s what I’ve done…

I’ve taken all those years of failure, success, wisdom, knowledge and insight and forged them into a module video training called The Million Dollar Product Accelerator.

This brand new training is the result of the lessons that I’ve mastered through my journey to find products that have made me millions online.

...and once you're inside, I'll take you by the hand and walk you through the exact steps you can take to to find these million dollar products, just like I did.

If you want to skip all the details and just dive right into the training...

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Pop quiz -

What is the #1 MASSIVE “Money Multiplier” that determines the success of your ecommerce store?

Is it:

A. Writing killer Facebook ads that make people tear open their wallets?

B. Hiring brilliant employees who work their butts off?

C. Networking with wealthy, successful, intelligent entrepreneurs?

D. Picking a killer product to sell?

If you believe Forbes... 
or Entrepreneur... 
or CNN... 
or any of the other media outlets who've written about me...

… You may think you need to write killer Facebook ads.

Or you need to hire brilliant people, and build the next Silicon Valley startup…

Or you need to go to every mastermind, join every coaching program, and network with wealthy, connected people…

But you would be wrong.

Dead Wrong.

Because the hard truth is this...

Most People Completely Ignore The Most Important Choice You Make When Starting An Online Business…

And that choice is simply...

which product you choose to sell.

In the next sixty seconds, I'll prove beyond a shadow of a doubt...

That a killer product is the “Money Multiplier” that pours rocket fuel on your store…

  • A winning product can make up for horrible ads (or ELIMINATE the need for ads at all!)…
  • A winning product requires less time commitment…
  • A winning product can make you wealthy, even if you start with no money, no experience and no connections… (Like I did.)
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On This Very Page, I Am Going To Teach You
Three Things You Absolutely NEED To Know...

Three “Success Signals” that tell you whether your product will scale - or fail - before even spending a dollar on advertising.

And… by the end of our time together… I will give you the four simple questions I ask about a new product.

These answers tell me - in seconds - whether a product will be a winner or a loser.

And they have been worth tens of millions of dollars to myself, and my students.

So close your other tabs. Bookmark this page. Turn your phone on silent, and pay close attention…

… Because the next few minutes could very well change your life.

Do I Give My Students Loans?
Teach Them The Stock Market?
Help Them Hack Bitcoin Miners And STEAL
Their Way To Millions???


I teach my students one thing, and only one thing…

… Because this one thing is the only thing that matters.

(When it comes to making money, online.)

I teach my students how to sell WINNING ecommerce products.

That’s it.

Yes, we teach people how to build a Shopify store…

Yes, we give them proven, high-converting templates that work with a single-click…

Yes, we show people how to kick ass with Facebook ads…

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If you shut down my Facebook accounts…

If you closed my Shopify stores…

If you emptied my bank accounts…

And you told me I had to get rich in just 6 months…

I Wouldn't Even Worry...

Because I could ask four, very simple questions…

… and “spot” a million dollar product from a mile away.

Once I have that product:

  • It doesn’t matter if I don’t have any money. Because I can start with free, “organic” traffic strategies… (Like the Facebook marketplace or TikTok strategies I teach my students.)
  • It doesn’t matter if I don’t have motivation. Because I can start with just one product. Then wake up to sales coming in… money flowing into my bank account… and procrastination vanishes.
  • ​It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a Shopify store. Because I can start one with our one-click template, and people will FLOOD the website, trying to buy.
  • It doesn’t matter if I don’t have time, or a team, or even if I’m working a full time job. Because I can set up my store… forget all about it… and check it just 30-minutes per day.
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… And Those Who DO Know

Don’t Know HOW To Pick
Winning Products:

Almost every entrepreneur I meet thinks a “winning” product means a few extra dollars…

… But it's so much more than that:

  • If you don’t have a lot of capital or savings, you NEED to pick a winning product. Because you need that extra profit to pay for business growth… while you also pay your bills, feed your family, and put a roof over your head...
  • If you don’t have a lot of free time, you NEED to pick a winning product.. Because you need that extra profit to hire someone to run your business… or to run your Facebook ads… or to expand to other channels…
  • ​If you don’t have a lot of motivation, you NEED to pick a winning product. Because you need to wake up every morning to sales coming in… to watch your bank account grow… to wake up inspired to attack the day…

I know this because...

In fact, we pick dozens of new products per day for our students and our mentees.

For example:

Our Students Are Absolutely
Crushing Their Competition.
And It’s All Because We Help Them
Pick Better Products:

It’s not because our students are better at Facebook ads -- We have students who make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, without ever creating a Facebook account…

It’s not because our students have more experience -- We have students who have been in business for less than 6 months, and are crushing it….

It’s not because our students have bigger budgets -- We have students who started with just $10… barely enough for a burger… and now they’re making thousands of dollars…

So How Do You Pick A Winning Ecommerce Product?
What Are The Top 3 Things You NEED To Know?

  • SUCCESS SIGNAL #1 - You know you have a winning product when your friends & family start talking shit.

Excuse my swearing… but… the best products get BIG REACTIONS out of people.

Even bad reactions mean BIG money.

And so, most people think it’s a bad sign when friends and family doubt them. I don’t. I know I’m onto the money...

  • SUCCESS SIGNAL #2 - You know you have a winning product when nobody is selling your product.

It’s tempting to follow the trend… but it’s also the wrong move: Because those trend-setters spent big money making their product go viral.

If you try to knock them off, you will quickly find out they have bigger budgets than you.

  • SUCCESS SIGNAL #3 - You know you have a winning product when it is cheap and easy to start.

You don’t need to hold inventory… you don’t need to buy a patent…

… but you also don’t need to “work” hard on Facebook ads or your Shopify page. A winning product basically sells itself.

So how do you FIND products which have all three Success Signals?

It’s EASY…

Announcing "The Million Dollar Product Accelerator":

How To Find & Pick Winning Ecommerce Products
Based On $100 Million Dollars
In Proven Success...

After picking hundreds - if not thousands of winning ecommerce products…

… I have boiled my Magic Method down to 4 simple questions.

Four simple questions you can ask about ANY product…

  • If your product passes, it’s a winner…
  • If your product doesn’t pass, it’s a loser…

… It’s just as simple as that.

AND… I’ve discovered five simple sources of KILLER new products.

Including some new ways to use websites like AliExpress…

(Because most entrepreneurs are using them so, so very wrong… 😞 )

I would like to share this 4 question test with you…

… And I would LOVE to show you where you can find winning product after winning product...

… And so, I created The Million Dollar Product Accelerator.

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The Million Dollar Product Accelerator Is
The Product-Picking Section Of
My Mentorship Course,
“Ecom Warrior Academy”...

… And it covers everything you will ever need to know about picking a winning product.

Including our “Four Question Formula” for picking winning ecommerce products.

You also get:

  • The “Spreadsheet Secret” of the top selling products. Believe it or not, this one-sheet document could make you millions!
  • Want to make real money? Don’t run Facebook ads… at least for the first two weeks. (Do this, instead.)
  • The secret to pricing your products. What’s too low… what’s too high… and the “Goldilocks” spot, where your product can make you rich. (This “sweet spot” is only about $30 wide…)

… And so much more:

Click The Button Below To Unlock Your 80% Discount (Plus Get $497 worth of FREE Training and Bonuses)

Module #1:
How To Pick
Winning Ecommerce Products…

In Module 1, I’m going to show you the 4 Question Test every ecommerce product MUST pass, to be a winner…

And I’m also going to show you WHERE you can find winning products…

(Including the AliExpress settings that NOBODY is talking about…)

If that is all that I showed you, this course would be worth its weight in gold…

… But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Because I am also going to show you:

(Actual Results From Students Using Our Product Picking Methods)

  • How to hire a team of “product pickers” for $60k / year… but you pay nothing. (In fact, someone else happily pays for their salaries.)
  • Can a tiny number ruin your business? This little number - between 19 and 99 - will decide whether you make money in drop shipping… or go broke trying.
  • What to do if your product doesn’t work. Here’s how to turn a bad product into profit.
  • How to dominate any niche. Pick a great product, and you’ll destroy your competition. Do this, and you’ll do it in just one month.
  • ​How to build an ecommerce store which can pay you for decades. Never mind what they say -- products don’t burn out (as long as you do this.)
  • Why you should NEVER delete a losing product page. Little-known way to turn losers into cash.
Click The Button Below To Unlock Your 80% Discount (Plus Get $497 worth of FREE Training and Bonuses)
  • How to research your niche in 45 seconds -- without buying a single product. Instant access to the top products… the top ads… the best suppliers. And more!
  • The most important part of a video ad? The comments: If you see this signal, you’re onto a winner. (Not 1-in-1,000 drop shippers will look.)
  • Why you should never check this AliExpress setting. Never! Little-known danger has cost millions of dollars. (Video 2.3)
  • ​How to find killer new products. 15 “magic words” to search on AliExpress. (One of the best? “Inflatable.”)
  • ​This type of shipping could steal all your profit margin! Common option bankrupts many new dropshippers.
  • When it’s OK to pay more for shipping. Surprising but true.

(Actual Results From Students Using Our Product Picking Methods)

(Actual Results From Students Using Our Product Picking Methods)

  • The popular product design that can get you sued. If you see this little mark on your product, run.
  • How to get faster shipping times, revealed. No extra costs, no product minimum, no nasty penalties from customs.
  • What to do if Facebook won’t run your ads. Four simple words that guard against account shut downs.
  • Why flashy products often fail. You buy products most people pass on… take home thousands of dollars. (Thanks to this simple secret.)
  • ​How to pick winning products with a quarter and an email address. My top student swears by this method.
  • Best time of day to search for new products. You’re more likely to find a winner if you look during these times.
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  • ​The best $10 you’ll ever spend on Facebook. Hundreds of likes… thousands of views… for the cost of a McDonalds burger, fries & a milkshake.
  • How to legally steal from your competitors. Customers… products… marketing -- and more! Amazing but true.
  • Most people copy the good ads… you copy the bad ones, and make twice the money. Here’s how.
  • What to do if your ‘dream’ product has fewer than 500 orders per day. (Doing the wrong thing could get you into big trouble.)
  • ​The truth about seasonal products. Are they “miracle money makers” or a waste of time? Here are the facts, backed by the latest research.
  • Why you should never trust a trend. How to get the same profit-potential as “viral” products… without the risks.

(Actual Results From Students Using Our Product Picking Methods)


399 tips, tricks & techniques, in total.

Click The Button Below To Unlock Your 80% Discount (Plus Get $497 worth of FREE Training and Bonuses)


… Since I want you to see just how effective our product-picking strategies can be…

Module #2:
Step by Step Guide -- $500,000 Case Study…

My business partner Stallon built an ecommerce store to $500,000 in revenue…

… And he recorded every single day of his journey.

In this Module, you get to “look over his shoulder”...
… And follow along, as he shows you every single move he made.

You get to see every Facebook ad…

You get to see every budget increase…

You get to see every design change…

… You get every detail that took his store from $0 to $500,000 in revenue…

… All in just 50 short days.

You get to steal it all!

This module alone is easily worth 4-times… 10-times… 

even 100-times the price of The Million Dollar Product Accelerator…

… But you won’t pay even a fraction of that:

Click The Button Below To Unlock Your 80% Discount (Plus Get $497 worth of FREE Training and Bonuses)

Building Your Store For Success

A million dollar product needs a store to live on...

So to get you started off with a bang, I've included the usually HIDDEN module 'Building Your Store For Success'...

In this Module,  I'll walk you through STEP-BY-STEP how we set up our store, including the secret settings we use to make ever visitor more likely to buy...

This setup is usually kept for our flagship program, but I want you to SEE the difference they can make...

And to make it even QUICKER and EASIER for you, you'll also receive...

Click The Button Below To Unlock Your 80% Discount (Plus Get $497 worth of FREE Training and Bonuses)

One-Click Website Template

A single click is all it takes...

Because we've custom-built a website design specifically for you to upload for your store!

Download our EXCLUSIVE theme template...

And in one click your store is built.

It's so simple my 5-year old niece could do it.

Click The Button Below To Unlock Your 80% Discount (Plus Get $497 worth of FREE Training and Bonuses)

Why Would I Offer
The Most Valuable Portion
Of My Mentorship Program
For Practically Nothing?

The answer is simple:

I am trying to prove myself to you.

I believe you will log in to The Million Dollar Product Accelerator…

… And you will fall in love with the way we do things.

I believe you will immediately see how powerful our product-picking method is.

And I believe you will be so impressed, you will want to join our full priced mentorship program, “Ecom Warrior Academy.”

There’s no pressure to do so --

The Million Dollar Product Accelerator is truly jam-packed with value, for basically nothing, compared to what it's worth.

No strings.

No gimmicks.

No recurring payment.

… But I truly believe you will log in to The Million Dollar Product Accelerator and see just how easy ecommerce can be.

And I bet that a few of you will want to join us.

When you do, I will happily introduce you to one of our certified coaching staff.

They will answer any and all of your questions.

Plus… I will even give you a special discount on the full mentorship price.

Best of all, The Million Dollar Product Accelerator comes with our Outrageous
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee…

Get your personal copy of The Million Dollar Product Accelerator.

Take three full months to use these techniques… then judge for yourself the value of this course to your ecommerce business.

If you are anything less than 100% satisfied…

… Simply let me know, and I will happily return every cent of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Just contact our Customer Support staff to set up a return by sending us an email at for a fast and full refund.

But I’m not worried...

Because I know you’ll see right away how the breakthroughs, advice and guidance in this course can transform your life… help you pick winning ecommerce products… and find true financial freedom.

So what are you waiting for?
All of this for the price of a single movie ticket...
Enter your details below, and let’s get started.

Million Dollar Product Accelerator.
Lifetime Access.

You'll discover EXACTLY how we find million dollar products, time and time again.
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Now, There Is One Catch
To This Internet-Only Offer:

At this moment in time, this is the lowest I have ever offered coaching.

And so, I genuinely do not know how long this reduced price will be available.

After all, this is just a test...

Because you’re reading this page that means this price is still valid.

When you click on the button to purchase, if you see the secure order page, that means you’re still in luck.

However, that may not last long…

There is a chance this reduced price point may take too much time from my core coaching business.

That’s why… if you’re still deciding… I would urge you not to wait.

Don’t take the chance of missing out.

Remember -- if you try The Million Dollar Product Accelerator and aren’t 100% satisfied, you have the protection of an ironclad, 90-day guarantee to get your money back.

Otherwise... if you miss out on this opportunity today...

… I can virtually promise you the same offer won’t be available.

So click the button below.

Don’t Risk Disappointment:
Claim Your Copy of 
The Million Dollar Product Accelerator 

All 399 product-picking… procrastination-busting… self-doubt banishing secrets…

… Including dozens of secrets I didn’t have time to detail, here…

… Are yours in The Million Dollar Product Accelerator.

And The Million Dollar Product Accelerator is available to you -- through this page only -- at a dramatically reduced price.

Plus: You won’t have to risk a single penny.

The choice is up to you:

  • You can continue to struggle to pick ecommerce products the old, hard way…
  • ​Or you can laugh all the way to the bank.

With simple, powerful, winning products.

Products that stuff handfuls of hundred dollar bills, straight into your pockets.

It costs you absolutely nothing to prove these secrets to yourself.

So click the button below, and let’s get started.

Founder of Ecom Warrior Academy

PS. When you join The Million Dollar Product Accelerator today… I will include a bonus module, for free:

I called this Module, “How To Build A Millionaire Mindset.”

Don’t get me wrong: Picking a winning product is 90% of the work!

That said… if you do pick the right product… but you lack the confidence to go out there and DO anything about it…

… Then the Millionaire Mindset will give you the confidence to get started and stay motivated.

In this Bonus Module, I teach you dozens of tips, including:

  • Broke? Frustrated? Procrastinating? The culprit could be your favorite ‘self help’ book. Here are the books to burn.
  • ​The quickest way to come up with creative ideas! Hundreds of ads… product ideas… and marketing angles at your fingertips with a click of a button.
  • Early warning signs of burnout. If you have even one of these symptoms… take a break from your business.
  • ​Breakthrough treatment for procrastination. Extremely effective.
  • ​How to work for yourself without getting distracted. Coffee shop… home office… even your bedroom. Do these three things and stay focused, for hours.
  • ​The money-making ritual Oprah does daily. Richard Branson, too. Add this to your morning routine.
  • ​Why you should never look at your bank account. Little-known motivation sucker; avoided by all top executives.
  • The fastest way to achieve any goal. This 7-second “exercise” can be done anytime, anywhere -- even when you’re stuck in traffic! 
  • The secret to permanent wealth. Banish money stress for life, with three post-it notes and a small mirror.
  • A trick that’s better than motivation. How to stay focused when you’re all out of energy.
  • ​How to get a week’s work done in a day. You can achieve amazing results with this powerful home technique.
  • Get rid of late work nights, forever! No weekends, either. Amazing productivity secret vetted by the New York Times.
  • ​Beat stress by working? That’s exactly what cutting edge CEOs are doing today! Boosts their incomes by 80%, while also banishing burnout.

… And much more!

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